Our Story

We cultivate the hopes and dreams of OFWs, and empower the Philippines’ bagong bayani (new heroes) to provide a solution to their families’ health needs, especially during emergencies.

Powered by PhilHealthCare, Inc. (PhilCare), Bayani Family Care is a unique health plan designed specifically to help the Philippines’ bagong bayani cover the cost of emergencies and other medical issues in their families back home. Bayani Family Care addresses the need of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to care for their loved ones in sickness and in health, especially as they could not be physically present to help in their family’s hour of need.

Established in 1982, PhilCare is one of the Philippines pioneering Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) companies. PhilCare is built on a vision to allow Filipinos to enjoy a better quality of life by providing them access to excellent health services. More than three decades after it was founded, PhilCare remains a pioneer and a recognized leader in Philippine HMO. Today, PhilCare sets the pace for the industry with not only the reliable in-patient and outpatient health care it provides, but also with the total wellness and healthy living it actively promotes and the technology-enabled customer experience it pushes forward.

With over 1,400 accredited hospitals and clinics and more than 30,000 accredited doctors by specialization across the Philippines, PhilCare provides clients access to quality and affordable healthcare services both for their preventive and curative needs through its wide range of product lines.